Events - Mid-Winter Fire & Ice Festival

Fire and Ice Festival etching

18th Annual Fire & Ice Festival, 2016
Saturday evening, February 6th, 5:30-8:00 p.m.

Luxton Park Neighborhood Community Center and Ice Rink


Fire & Ice takes place at Luxton Park, and brings together residents, renters, young and old, good food, music, as well as horses and hay, all for a friendly fun evening.

Begun in 1995, Fire & Ice originated from civic-minded Prospect Park residents as a result of the neighborhood involvement projects encouraged through the city's NRP program.

Over the years Fire & Ice has been held in sub-zero and mild weather, in deep snow and on dry ground. But there is good food—the written recipe "chili for 200" is on record, jazz musicians, the horse-drawn hayrides (free) are always popular.

Sometimes there have been ice sculptures or snow-carving contests. SEMCOL (Southeast Minneapolis Council on Learning) gives away children's books. Check out the Luxton Book Exchange, on the top floor behind the reception desk, where you can borrow books and return them at your convenience. Always there is fun and sociability.

And always the bonfire (bring your leftover Christmas trees or wreathes). Our tradition is to have a safely monitored bonfire; we are enforcing the limit on flame height along with the Minneapolis fire marshal and the Park Police, who are invited to attend.

Note for 2015: If you still have your Christmas tree or wood for the fire, please bring it to the park and place it next to the soccer goals near the fenced area.  If you live close to Luxton Park, a Honda accord pick up can be arranged if needed.  Please call Huy Nguyen at 612-370-4881 if you have any questions or request a close pick up.

Thanks to Luxton staff for making the Luxton building a warm and welcoming place, and to the Glendale Youth, who make the tasty food, a fundraiser for their Camp Bovey experience next summer. Special thanks to resident Jim Widder, who as a volunteer has been a driving force behind pulling together the council year after year.

On 2012-01-29, the TC Daily Planet published an article about Fire & Ice. download 2013 flyer

Fire & Ice is sponsored by: Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board-Luxton Park, PPERRIA, ESNS, Pratt Council, Luxton Park Council.

Horse-drawn hay wagonBurning Christmas Trees