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A Night to Unite

32nd Annual National Night Out is Tuesday, August 4, 2015

from Minneapolis Police Department:

The theme this year "Zero Waste National Night Out".

Some highlights of Prospect Park NNO events 1999 - 2010 are here.

List of all 1,484 of 2014's participating Minneapolis neighborhood National Night Out block parties is here.

Mission Statement
National Night Out (NNO) in Minneapolis is an annual event on the first Tuesday of August that involves all segments of the community in building a healthier, safer community. NNO generates support for anti-crime programs and strengthens police/community relations.

National Night Out is not just one night of the year, but the culmination of year-long crime prevention activity in all Minneapolis neighborhoods: people working together in block and apartment clubs and other networks to prevent and address crime and other neighborhood problems. It is an occasion to celebrate past successes, discuss current challenges or issues, and re-dedicate to collaborative efforts with neighbors, police, businesses and others to improve the quality of life in our city. NNO is the largest event of its kind in Minneapolis and the nation.

Key Messages

* Cohesive, healthy neighborhoods are keys to preventing crime and violence.
* Active block clubs build community, increase hope and create harmony.
* Positive activities displace negative activity; as people spend more time outside, they take back their streets and neighborhoods.
* NNO is an opportunity for all parts of the community including businesses, corporate sponsors, religious institutions, city agencies, and news media to come together around the shared goal of a safe, healthy community.
* NNO reinforces the partnership of citizens and police to combat crime.


* Utilize NNO to expand and strengthen Minneapolis’ network of block clubs.
* Increase the number of block clubs, multi-block events and individuals who participate in NNO.
* Involve the Minneapolis Police Department with citizens by participating in National Night Out events together.
* Promote increased involvement of youth with their neighbors.
* Promote crime prevention strategies and increase ways that citizens can protect themselves, and their property.

Nationally, Minneapolis ranked #1 in 2013 & 2012 (#2 in 2010 & #1 in 2009!) with 100% of all residential neighborhoods participating and 1260+ confirmed events overall. National Association of Town Watch (NATW) ranked Minneapolis #1 among population centers of 300,000+ for the quality of our 2011 and 2009 NNO campaigns.

The National Association of Town Watch bases their ranking on a community’s overall National Night Out effort, including the quality and size of the overall campaign, law enforcement involvement, neighborhood participation and special events. For more information on the National Association of Town Watch or specifics on the awards, go to