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Prospect Park Neighborhood Website credits

The Prospect Park Neighborhood website managed by PPA (formerly PPERR) was one of the first on the web (1994) and was incubated at U of M's Center for Urban & Regional Affairs (CURA) using the Twin Cities Freenet (now defunct) before the Internet became commerical on April 1, 1995.

The PPA Neighborhood Web Team / PPA Membership & Communications Committee: Andy Mickel (co-webmaster), Jessica Buchberger (co-webmaster), John Cushing, Diana Dukich, Karen Murdock, Meredith Poppele, Seth Zawila, Sarah Nassif, Stacy Sorenson, Lois Willand.

Past contributors: Jeff Abuzzahab, Eric Amel, Joyce Barta, Steve Cross, Paula Denman, John DeWitt, Susan Gottlieb, John Holmquist, Bill Kahn, Tom Kilton, Elisabeth Miller, Richard Poppele, Joe Rockers, Cheryl Vollhaber, Julie Wallace, John Wike, Lindsey Wollschlager, Betts Zerby.

Modification History (revision, date, name, description):


Revised, 2017-04-13, Andy Mickel. Post April Newsletter.
Revised, 2017-04-04, Jessica Buchberger. Update Home Page, Earth Day, and Yard Sale events.
Revised, 2017-03-10, Andy Mickel. Post March Newsletter and e-democracy announcement; add Town Hall PPA & meeting times; update phone numbers on public services section of Neighborhood info.
Revised, 2017-01-31, Andy Mickel. Post February Newsletter and February Neighborhood meeting & PPA meeting times; add PPA Committees & meeting times.
Revised, 2017-01-26, Jessica Buchberger. Update Events on home page.
Revised, 2017-01-09, Andy Mickel. Post January Newsletter and January Neighborhood meeting & PPA meeting times; add Fire & Ice Event Feb 4.
Revised, 2016-12-08, Andy Mickel. Post December Newsletter and December PPA meeting time.
Revised, 2016-11-14, Jessica Buchberger. Update Events on home page; update PPA pages.
Revised, 2016-11-01, Andy Mickel. Update including November Newsletter, Events, Home Tour page.
Revised, 2016-10-24, Andy Mickel. Update including October Newsletter, Events and Community Guide and list of PPA board of directors.
evised, 2016-09-29, Andy Mickel. Update home page for Prospect Park Home Tour and modify Home Tour page with new text and sidebar image.
Revised, 2016-09-19, Andy Mickel. Add new Event page for Prospect Park Home Tour.
Revised, 2016-09-06, Andy Mickel. Post September PPA newsletter+links on home, newletter & signup pages;
Revised, 2016-09-02, Andy Mickel. Update home page with info for Annual Neighborhood Meeting and latest events & news. Update PPA board page with PDF of new board candidates notice.
Revised, 2016-08-04, Andy Mickel. Post August PPA newsletter+links on home, newletter & signup pages; Events update: add flyer for BadBrass band.
Revised, 2016-07-27, Jessica Buchberger. Updated homepage, newsletter and newsletter sign up page.
Revised, 2016-07-06, Andy Mickel. Post July PPA newsletter; Events update: feature Summer Concerts, National Night Out, Artistic Utility Box Wraps Tour; add new PPA ByLaws PDF and Board Meeting Minutes.
Revised, 2016-06-04, Andy Mickel. Post 2016 PPA neighborhood meeting dates; feature monthly meeting more prominently on home page; add Summer Concert Series events information; add June PPA newsletter; add more information to Yard Sales events page; add specific dates to Garden Walk event.
Revised, 2016-05-03, Andy Mickel. Post May PPA newsletter; Events update: feature Ice Cream social, more Franklin Bridge info, dates for Yard Sales in June, etc.
Revised, 2016-04-04, Andy Mickel. Post April PPA newsletter

Major website redesign, 2016-04-01, Bill Dobbs & Nick Lamareaux with PPA MemComm Committee Website Task Group: Andy Mickel, Diana Dukich, Jessica Buchberger.
Revised, 2016-03-08, Andy Mickel. Post March PPA newsletter and March neighborhood meeting.
Revised, 2016-02-02, Andy Mickel. Post February PPA newsletter
Revised, 2016-01-29, Andy Mickel. Post Fire & Ice Festival dates; February PPA meeting date.
Revised, 2016-01-06, Andy Mickel. Post January PPA newsletter; PPA meeting date.